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Our installers are fully qualified, with more than 25 years of experience in installations of all types of work. They will always do a clean, aesthetic and above all safe job


Toldos Aitana offers a wide range of sun protection. The awnings can be with or without a chest. We work with the most prestigious brands in the market such as Stobag (Switzerland), Siplan, Gaviota Simbac or Llaza. In motorization we work only with SOMFY. They give 5 years of guarantee.

Pool covers

We have two types of covers. The summer cover with bubbles, which heats the water faster. The winter cover is PVC (with filter), which protects against winter dirt.


We have recently added a product in Aitana Awnings, stainless steel handrails. They can be with or without glass. These handrails give a modern look to your home, and often, a sense of space on the staircase or terrace.

Mosquito nets

We have a wide collection of custom-made mosquito nets for windows and doors. They are of Italian design and have a good value for money. The mesh can be gray or black. There are 16 different colors of aluminum without price increase.

Glass curtains without vertical profiles

To make the most of your terrace year round, we have crystals without vertical profiles from the Aseglaras brand. When the weather is nice you can open them completely, in case of cool days you can close them. The system has many advantages: acoustic insulation, energy saving and increases the value of your home. You can also enjoy your terrace all year round.

Bioclimatic pergolas

Toldos Aitana presents its new and innovative system of bioclimatic pergolas. The bioclimatic pergolas are structures that allow an intelligent solar protection and a regulation of the temperature of natural form, as well as the protection against the inclemencies of the time.


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